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At Stoic, we believe training is so much more than lifting weights. We believe progression gives life meaning. Manifesting the Stoic philosophy requires the mental fortitude to accept and overcome the resistances faced in life – to rise from the ashes without complaint or defeat. When reaching for a piece of Stoic gear, you can't help but be reminded of a philosophy spanning over two thousand years in the past that has supported generations, teaching toughness and mental fortitude through some of the most punishing and uncomfortable times of history.


At Stoic, we believe competition is an important driver in personal development. That's why we are officially partnered with the most reputable federations in the industry. Whether you're in the gym or breaking world records, Stoic has your back, and you can be confident your Stoic gear is competition compliant and ready to support you in reaching new heights.

Our Process

Stoic products begin their life with rather expensive raw materials. We start with the finest materials, manufacturing methods, and technologies. The extra cost, to us, is reflected in our costs to produce the item, or what we call the true cost. Then, to control our pricing to our end customers we keep our profit margins thin, our marketing lean, the middlemen out, and our markup low. In the end you enjoy premium products with minimal markups. Because we believe word-of-mouth advertising from our customers is the best kind of advertising, we pass those savings directly back to you.

IPF Approved
IPF Approved
IPF Approved
IPF Approved


Yes, Stoic is IPF approved and made to comply with competition specs.

For federations that require equipment approval, we are currently approved in:

  • IPF
  • USPA
  • IPL
  • AAU

Always check with your specific federation’s rulebook and/or competition director to be sure your equipment will be allowed prior to your competition.

Stoic equipment is designed for performance, it should not be used for casual activity or light exercise.

In normal cases with healthy adults, we typically recommend first warming up with minimal or no supportive equipment. Depending on personal preference, once the weight loads increase closer to a maximal load supportive equipment is added.

Supportive equipment is a great tool to use in your training to reduce aches, pains, and decrease the risk of injury. It’s also commonly used to strategically load certain muscles where without the use of equipment may be sub-maximally stimulated.

Our philosophy is “pro-customer” over “for profit.”

Every day customers write us explaining why they’ve become a customer for life, and how their expectations were blown away.

Stoic follows a true customer-focused model that’s unique in this marketplace.

This means our customers get incredible quality and unbeatable pricing that’s only made possible by our model.

Free shipping over $125 within the US.

Free returns within the US.

Easy returns and exchange process.

Express shipping options are available.

International shipping options are available.

See here for details.

For questions about our products, your order status, or anything else, please contact us.

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We're proud to have some of the strongest athletes in the lifting and fitness space represent Stoic.

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