Stoic Lever Powerlifting Belt (13mm) - Navy

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Stoic Belts deliver remarkable training confidence and incredible build quality – purpose-built to support you in reaching the next level of performance.

Boasting impressive full-grain leather options to support the most extreme athletes, Stoic Belts take you through unforgettable training sessions. Training equipment is no longer only about protection – it becomes the core confidence of your journey.

  • Builds Astonishing Training Confidence
  • 6.5 to 13mm Options
  • Real Full Grain Leather
  • Unbreakable Construction
  • Most Durable Materials Available


The perfect blend of support and fitment enables full focus on smashing goals and breaking personal records.


Purposely built for enhanced results from ongoing research and development, Stoic Belts combine thick full-grain leather, superior construction, and more.


Attack the weights with a clear head and no stress. Stoic Belts are constructed from threads to leather with the strongest most durable materials available.

  • Old school built-to-last-forever quality at an unmatched value.
  • Exposed tan layers not disguised by coating or inner suede.
  • Real full-grain leather hide for support, comfort, and longevity.
  • Thickest leather cores available with the fewest layers possible. We use 1 to 2 layers maximum.
  • No taper. Full 4″ thickness front to back.
  • Solid stainless steel lever buckle.
  • Minimal unsupportive decorative layers to maximize core leather thickness and supportiveness.
  • Heavy-duty finishes such as durable thread and permanent rivets.
  • Absolutely no filler layers ie: extra thick suede, synthetic layers, etc.
  • May require a light break-in period of normal use before the belt becomes more comfortable.

100% genuine leather, suede-like microfibre outer layer


At Stoic, we believe competition is an important driver in personal development. That’s why we are officially partnered with the most reputable federations in the industry. Whether you’re in the gym or breaking world records, Stoic has your back, and you can be confident your Stoic gear is competition compliant and ready to support you in reaching new heights.


Yes, the Stoic lever powerlifting belt is IPF approved and made to comply with competition specs.

For federations that require equipment approval, we are currently approved in:

  • IPF
  • USPA
  • IPL
  • AAU

Always check with your specific federation’s rulebook and/or competition director to be sure your equipment will be allowed prior to your competition.

We recommend against breaking in the belt unless you absolutely have to. This can over-soften the leather beyond your preference.

If you wear the belt routinely it will break in overtime molding to your body. This will help maintain the rigidity of the belt.

It can be tricky sometimes to get the right size, but the instructions are easy to follow.

The size belt you select will be based on your belly measurement, not your waist or pant size. So keep this in mind!

You’ll want to grab yourself a soft measuring tape and measure around your belly, or the area where you’ll be wearing the belt.

Brace your abdomen as if you are lifting.

Tighten the measuring tape so it is sung, but not too tight.

Refer to the sizing guide above and pick the belt size that your measurement fits within.

TIP 1 — Typically your measurement will be larger than your pant size. If you’re picking a size based on your pant size choose one size up.

TIP 2 — It is -almost- always better to size up from the size you may think you are.

Also, remember the belt is 4” wide around your waist and between 10-13mm thick. You can consider this for a perfect fit.

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